As many years-designers, before establishing “VVD Consult” Ltd., the foundation members of the firm took part in the designing and construction process of the following more important projects:

» Ferryboat connection Varna – Ilichovsk
» Doubling and electrification of Mezdra – Cherven briag railway
» Doubling and electrification of Shoumen – Kaspichan railway
» Doubling and electrification of Karnobat – Sindel railway
» Reconstruction of Botevgradsko shosse blvd. – Sofia
» “Maritsa” motorway
» “Trakia” motorway
» “Lyulin” motorway
» “Struma” motorway

The firm’s foundation members took part in elaboration of typical designs for railway structures in the Transproekt’s years, as:

» Culverts
» Retaining walls
» Pedestrian underpasses
» Pre-cast reinforced concrete superstructures for bridges
» Pre-cast pre-stressed concrete superstructures for bridges

The major projects “VVD Consult” Ltd. has accomplished so far are:

» Danube Bridge Vidin – Calafat, Bulgarian Infrastructure – Detailed design of 11 large and 26 small road and rail structures
» Tsankov Kamak Hydro Power Project – Independent checking with Technical report for the large road structures
» Road underpass at km 107+267 on Belitsa – Razlog railway – Detailed design
» Railway bridge at km 305+581 on III railway – replacement of its superstructure – Detailed design
» Northern Arc of Sofia Road Bypass. Bridge over Cherna Bara river at km 6+390 – Detailed design
» Communication underpass on “Cherven Briag – Zlatna Panega” railway in the region of the ceramic plant of “Uspeh” Ltd in town of Lukovit – Detailed design
» Emergency restoration and construction of new artificial structures in section “Velingrad – Avramovo” on 16-th railway – Detailed design
» New artificial structures in section “Avramovo – Cherna Mesta” on 16-th railway – Detailed design
» Bridge at road interchange “Saraya” in town of Russe – repairs and reinforcement of the structure – Detailed design
» Passenger bridge over “Makotzevska” river in the village of Gorna Malina – Detailed design
» Preliminary Design for Road Viaduct to the New Passenger Terminal of Sofia Airport – Employer Glavbolgarstroy
» Bridge over “Beli Vit” River in the village of Ribaritza – Detailed design
» Supervision of the Design for “Plovdiv – Svilengrad” railway project – electrification and upgrading. Phase I: Kroumovo – Parvomai
» Emergency restoration of section “Makotzevo – Dolno Kamartzi” on 3-rd railway – Detailed design
» Increasing of the traffic capacity, by means of rehabilitation and project speed increasing, of Sofia-Karlovo-Zimnica railway line
» Communication steel structures at loading terminal in “Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas “AD – detailed design
» Doubling and electrification of Karnobat-Sindel railway line – 26 bridges – detailed design
» Technical assistance for modernization of Sofia-Vidin railway line. Large structures
» Plovdiv-Svilengrad railway electrification and upgrade of corridors IV and IX. Phase II: Parvomay – Svilengrad – Detailed design.
» Electrification and reconstruction of the railway line Svilengrad – Turkish border – Detailed design, 8 strucrures: RB04, RB08, RB10 – new and RB13,14,15,16,17 – rehabilitation.
» Technical assistance for the restoration of the design parameters of the railway line Ruse–Varna. Large structures and culverts. Technical design.
» Technical assistance for development of Sofia railway junction. Bridges. Phase I and Phase II. Preliminary design for development.
» Technical assistance for renovation and reconstruction of railway section Plovdiv – Michailovo. Large structures and culverts. Technical Design.
» Technical assistance for Construction of an Intermodal Terminal in South – Central Planning Region of Bulgaria – Plovdiv. Structures.
» Technical assistance for development of Burgas railway junction. Structures.
» Pedestrian Suspension Bridge over Struma River in Sandanski municipality – Detail Design.
» Reconstruction of bridge structure over Struma River, at km 0+610 of municipal road BLG 1234 (Road I-1, Kresna – Sandanski – Road III – 1082), Detail Design.
» Rehabilitation of railway section Tserkovski – Burgas – 132 small and large structures.
» Modernization of railway section Septemvri – Plovdiv.
Position 1 – Modernization of the railway section Septemvri – Pazardjik
Position 2 – Modernization of the railway section Pazardjik – Stambolijski
Position 3 – Modernization of the railway section Stambolijski – Plovdiv
» Replacement of steel superstructure with new RC superstructure of railway bridge at km 77+991 in Doirentsi Station area.
» Reconstruction & electrification of the railway line Plovdiv-Svilengrad. Railway section Harmanli-Svilengrad. Road overpasses.
» Technical assistance for modernization of railway line Radomir-Kulata.
» Road III-1903 Road II-19 – Eleshnitza – Road II-84 Bridge at km 1+550 over Mesta River
» Underpass at Plovdiv at railway crossing with Moder street and Tzarevetz street
» Road underpass at Sofia Central Station
» Project speed restoration at section Sofia-Mezdra Road №2, Position 1 section from km 5+584 to km 12+090
» Project speed restoration at section Sofia-Mezdra Road №2, Position 2 section from km 33+485 to km 41+578
» Update Preliminary design and Technical design of the railway section Vidin – Medkovets – project: “Erection design of the railway line Vidin – Sofia: Project update and preparation of railway section Vidin – Medkovets.” The project includes 9 viaducts, 8 railway bridges, 6 road bridges, 7 agricultural underpasses and 2 pedestrian underpasses and 2 pedestrian overpasses
» Prepare a detailed plan and technical design for modernization of railway sections: “Poduyane station – Birimirtsi station “, “Birimirtsi station – Poduyane distribution station “, ” Sofia station – Elin Pelin station ” and “Kazichane station – Ravno Pole station – Stolnik station ” for project “Development of Sofia railway junction” The Project includes 5 railway bridges, 4 railway overpasses, 1 railway underpass, 2 road overpasses, 10 pedestrian underpasses, 5 pedestrian overpasses, 2 agricultural underpasses, 45 culverts and livestock underpasses and over 2000 m retaining walls.”
» Modernization of Sofia – Plovdiv railway line. Railway sections Sofia – Elin Pelin and Elin Pelin – Septemvri for section Ihtiman – Septemvri Technical Design. The Project includes 40 railway bridges and viaducts, 3000 m retaining walls with height up to 15 m and 50 culverts.