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ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008
VVD Consult Ltd. ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


of the Management of VVD Consult Ltd.
with regard to the quality policy as of 01.02.2013

VVD Consult Ltd. is a specialized firm for elaboration of investment projects and providing consulting services for any kind of structures of road, railway, air and water transport infrastructure.

Being a firm with positions on the market we realize that our development and prosperity depend on our Contractors being convinced in our ability to guarantee the full satisfaction of their expectations with regard to the quality of the services performed.

In order to protect and enhance our Contractors and Partners trust the management of the firm hereby declares the following:
  1. Guarantees the quality of the set of services performed by introducing, maintaining and effective functioning of a ISO 9001:2008 based Quality Management System to be continuously developed and adjusted to the requirements of the international standards

  2. Provides the recourses necessary for the effective functioning of the system.

  3. Prioritizes the quality in the course of execution of the project services in all their stages.

  4. Ensures specialized and independent control of the quality and the implementation of the Quality Management System

  5. Pursues innovation policy aimed at enhancing the quality of the outputs of its activity.

  6. Provides highly qualified and professionally informed employees for all type of activities.

  7. Checks on an annual basis and carries out actions to continuously enhance the quality and the implementation of the Quality Management System.
The policy of VVD Consult Ltd. in the field of quality has been communicated and explained to its entire staff. The procedures as well as the regulatory and technical documentation are obligatory to follow and are observed by all firm staff.

Managing director: eng. V. Dinkov
Design: L. Yotsov